A selection of my reflections

A poem (Based on the visions of John from Revelation about Christ's Return).

"His feet crossing the face of Eternity, bounding over the Abyss. The stars flit about Him like a garment, the candescence of His hair stuns. A voice that can be seen, with eyes that pierce the soul and disturb the heart. A humbleness that dissects pride's folly, followed by a great company of Holy Ones, as in a slipstream of ineffable brightness".


"He who prays best worships best".


"Praise is thanking God for what's He's done. Worship is exalting God for who He is".


"The Popular is the great enemy of the Profound."


"It's all about the purpose of God."


"The Truth will always separate you".

"The more people, the less Truth. The less people, the more Truth."

"The more people, the more compromise. The more compromise, the less Truth".

"Beware the curse of the popular."

"Nothing shall fail from behind the Veil".

"That which is hidden can be revealed, and that which is revealed can also be hidden".

"The Father is the source of Truth. Jesus is in whom all Truth is found. The Spirit leads us into all Truth".

"Belief is the substance of Faith in action. Belief is the evidence of revealed Truth".

"The GOOD gives way to the BETTER, then to the very BEST".

"Don't hold anything dear as Truth".

"Don't neglect God. Don't neglect His Word. Don't neglect the doing of His Word".

"Do you want words of life, or life-words?"

"Jesus' first requirement was for His disciples to be with Him".

"Read the LOGOS but listen for the RHEMA".

"Wisdom is applied spiritual knowledge".

"When God calls you He calls you to a purpose".