The End is Arriving

Updated: May 15, 2019

Article by Peter McArthur

Recently I was standing at a suburban railway station in our city waiting for the train. Along came quite a lengthy modern sleek electric train. As it snaked its way toward me I “saw” a mini object lesson in my spirit.

There was the train, long and approaching quite slowly but very methodically. The front of the train moved by and edged its way toward the end of the long platform. Carriage after carriage passed me by as the train began to slow down for its stop. As I was standing in the middle of the long platform I gazed at each passing carriage to see which one would stop nearest for me to get on. The train quietly and slowly came to a stop and I could see the length of the platform stretching out with the front of the train quite a long way off by now.

As the train made its approach it looked like it was in slow motion, and then I saw the “parable”. The End of Days was coming to us all, slowly and methodically, planned and definite. Yet it wasn’t coming as a rush, but bit by bit. The actual finishing point of “The End” wasn’t here yet, but it was approaching. Just like the train came slowly toward the platform, the front of the train was a kind of symbol that The End is Arriving. Not yet here, but certainly on its way – it is arriving at its purposed and planned destination.

Now I am not saying The End of All Things is quite here yet, but we can see all around us the signs of the approaching storm. So while the Big Event may yet be some time off, there are strong indications of what happens when any “end time” situation arises on the face of the earth. As each era begins to fade and another rises to take its place, when old and trusted morals start to be ignored and displace by whatever is fashionable, and when any kind of spirituality (except Biblical belief) is welcome and approved of – then we can see that God starts a special work on His children to suit the peculiar conditions of that time.

With every change of era there begins a new and distinctive period of upheaval and conflict, at all levels. Biblically speaking it’s like the very universe itself starts to groan as conflicting forces, both natural and spiritual, grate together bringing intense and even terrible consequences. The things and truths of God Himself, along with all who align with His purpose find themselves under attack.

Have you noticed for example when you see ungodly news reports about same-sex marriage, or the blatant political lies relating to the Israeli-Palestinian issue, or the increasing mocking of all that is righteous – have you felt that rising within you that’s a kind of indignant frustration because people are just not seeing the Truth of the matter (whatever it might be)? Untruths, lies and deliberate misrepresentation are abroad these days on the face of the earth, and increasingly in the minds of many people. And the internet and social media doesn’t help!

As disciple of Jesus Christ this inner frustration can so easily intensify and even prevail in our thoughts. It seems as if everything good and honourable and holy is under attack; the issue gains momentum and becomes very serious – and some believers begin to question “Where is God in all this, why doesn’t He justify Himself?” That of course is just how Satan would have it for us, to make us question and lose faith – and for some, even to abandon faith altogether.

Brethren, we need to take stock and understand that when a divinely appointed time comes to its purposed conclusion there’s going to be much disturbance and questioning. It has always been this way, and it will continue to be like that until Christ returns and puts all things under His glorious feet. That is the way of Scripture, that is the way it’s been purposed by the Father, and that of course is just the way He intended it. When these things become increasingly more obvious to us as Sons of God we can get a glimpse of how it will all unfold, but even more so, we can see what is possible in Him!

If indeed, as we believe, that the End is Arriving, approaching its zenith and complete culmination, then as believers we will begin to see two opposites gain ground. For those people who align with this Age and all it represents, centre stage will be more and more taken by all things Self. However for those who identify with the Father’s Purpose, centre stage will increasingly be taken by the spiritual values found only in Christ.

While the former will gather momentum towards one end of the scale, the latter will have their eyes fixed firmly on the opposite end of the grand scale – Christ Himself! If you have eyes to see you’ll notice how this is already working out in some measure. Amazingly (or perhaps not so!) there are churches that openly applaud same-sex marriage, who allow readings of the Quran in their services, who advocate for the inclusiveness of all religions as pathways to God, etc. The Great Falling Away is happening with increasing speed, but at the same time there are the beginnings of a Great Re-Aligning with the Father’s Purposes. While the former may be of greater numbers, the latter will substantially be made up of a Remnant (at least to start with).

We’ll see more and more believers fall aside as the pressure increases, but there’ll also be more believers who will see how desperate the times are and know just what to do. They will find shelter under the everlasting wings and re-position themselves back to Truth. A refining will take place among the Remnant who will centre themselves completely and only in Christ. When you see this starting to take place you will know that indeed the End is Arriving.

Mind you, this kind of re-aligning will not be publicized and well known, simply because it will initially be a hidden thing, away from the prying eyes of the unrighteous, away from the inquisitiveness of the worldly media, and even away from the knowledge of half-hearted believers. So you’ll probably only know it by discernment, by prayer, and by remaining humble and dependant on the Father. We will pass from being concerned with things ABOUT Christ to being concerned WITH Christ Himself. That is the notable difference between things about Him and he Himself.

God is stripping away all the foundation and framework of anything earthly, and particularly within the church itself. A very serious divine work is underway, and perhaps we should start getting very serious ourselves! This work is well underway, both in the natural and the spiritual. But of course just because it is so, we’ll soon find an increase in things that will bring us to a greater time of testing, challenge and re-adjustment. Things are being transferred from one basis to another as it were. The earthly realm is going to be shaken (hard!) so that only the heavenly unshakable will remain firm.

Where are we in all this? Be absolutely assured that this will happen – perhaps you already sense it in your spirit? It’s almost as if the true spiritual thing cannot come to its own until the false things of this world first intensify and surface. Only then when the shaking and loosing, the pressure and difficulties, the evil and the darkness, have run their course will the Father be able to fully bring forth His spiritual men and women who will testify that having the Lord Himself is all that really matters in the End.

It is this that we really must value, even more so than family, more so than comfort, more than security (except of course in Christ), and more so than life itself. All through the New Testament we find an over arching principle, that God only blesses that which He has initiated Himself and for His eternal Purpose. What He is doing and will do in and through His people, is forever. It is lasting. It cannot be shaken, made insipid, brought to weakness nor abolished. His intention is that as the End gets closer and closer He will enact a work in us that will never pass away or die. So please don’t think that this is some great spiritual cause that will benefit us and our fleeting time on earth. No, it is not for us but for His Purpose – and in His great and loving way He purposes us to be part of it all. His law is that whatever He does is always necessary, always right, always under His providence, and always forever!

Peter McArthur