The Father's Determination

Updated: May 16, 2019

Our Father has made a determination, and it is that nothing that is not OF Christ and IN Christ shall ultimately remain.

His great plan is being worked out line upon line, until His end purpose is accomplished, which is that everything not aligned to His Son shall be removed. He will re-fill His entire creation afresh with all that is OF Christ. The un-Christ things shall be emptied, and the in-Christ shall fill all.

The reality of this truth is that the Father will only accept, bless and recognize those things that are solely aligned with Christ. Anything not, will be put aside and receive no recognition whatsoever – even some ministries.

What does this mean to us? It means the Father will only put His seal of approval on those things that are Christly. It is all about what measure of Christ is in us, what standard of that measure we preach, teach and live by. If the measure is not declaring Christ, then it will not be recognized by the Father.

Only sow to those things that are aligned to Christ and are extending the Kingdom.

By our recognition of this one stately fact, this grand truth, which the Father is working toward, we could transform our thinking and actions so that we NOW on this earth, adjust our lives to align with all that is Christly.

What a wondrous revolution of attitude that would bring to us! What a transformation of heart and mind. How great a change from our daily grind of pressing on with desperate faith and seeking God’s blessings.

Seeing from this great determination of the Father’s will is indeed a liberating thing. By aligning our hearts to His in this matter we begin to see why He deals with us the way He does. Everything begins to fit into place, and we recognize that there is nothing wayward or random about the way He shapes us into conforming to His Son.

By this we clearly see the end point, the grand purpose of the great plan, and our identification with it begins to answer all our besetting problems. We find ourselves walking on a street called “straight” and the end purpose beckons us on as we make haste to its magnificent ending. Oh may that day hasten indeed!

Blessings to you in the Messiah to whom we are conforming.

Peter McArthur

The Issachar Ministry



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