Night Demons

Updated: May 15, 2019


This topic is a very disturbing one, so I encourage you to pray as you read this. It deals with sexual visitations of two demon powers that come in the night season.

Pastoral evidence shows that many women have experienced sexual attacks by the incubi demons, although it’s rarely discussed. Many ministers and pastors refute the possibility of a demon having sex with a human. However, biblically and pastorally the evidence is there.

The names “incubus” and “succubus” are familiar terms in psychiatry where dreams of being sexually harassed are identified with these. In fact this isn’t really a psychological problem, or even one to do with nightmares. The incubi and succubi are demonic forces that sexually visit their victims at night. The incubus is a “male” demon who attacks and violates woman, and the succubi is a “female” demon who seduces and attacks men. In some cases it’s be known that the male incubi demon will visit men for the purpose of sodomy. The succubi also will engage in lesbian attacks upon women.

I’m writing about this because many Christians believe that these visitations are nothing more than horrid nightmares. In some cases it seems that the nightmare (which is from the Latin meaning to “lie upon”) is just that – a bad dream. But occasionally this is nothing to do with bad dreams, but can be an actual demonic visitation. The attacks from these spirits may begin by the victim having sexually arousing dreams, but that’s only a vehicle for what comes next.

I’ve written a small e-book on the subject that explains the history and methods of attack by these demons. It also gives practical advice on how to defeat these demons in the name of Jesus. You can download it FREE from here.

Here I want to confine the discussion to dreams, and how demons will use these. Basically if a person has a loose mind, one that is prone to fantasize, and lacks self-discipline, they may become a target for these powers. Those who have indulged in excessive sexual activity are also likely to experience such visitations.

These by themselves are not the only factors that will draw a night demon to visit, as such issues as occult involvement and unconfessed sexual sin will also determine whether a person is a candidate. Therefore it’s important to guard your dream-life by committing your time of sleep to the Lord.

A night demon will often approach a woman on her own at night, bringing with it the ability to sexually arouse her. The attack is quite direct, but it may start with a dream of some sort that quickly turns into a nightmare. Depending on what has allowed the incubi to come, the woman may begin to feel an actual weight on the bed with her, or even upon her own body. In advanced stages the defilement by the demon is as real as a normal physical sexual encounter, although much more violent.

After some sort of sexually unpleasant experience has occurred the woman will feel great shame and much fear. Unable to confide in her husband or a friend, the problem only compounds – these demons thrive on the secrecy this kind of attack fosters. Night and sleep become times of great anxiety for the woman, and her dream-life becomes a time of nightmarish proportions.

In the case of the succubi attack upon a man, the method of attack is nearly always through the mind. The demon will implant sexually impure thoughts allowing the mind of the man to fantasize until he’s unable to resist the images that come.

When a man is under this kind of attack he’s likely to think the experience was just a dream. Some men, especially young men, think it’s just part of their manhood development. The thoughts of sexually attractive women, combined with an actual experience of sexual satisfaction, only lead the man deeper into the trap. It’s often only later that he realizes this is no longer a dream but an actual physical experience. Confusion can then grip him and he’s torn between finding the experience satisfying, and yet fearful at the same time.

It’s imperative that we understand these demons principally use dreams as a first method of attack. So guarding our dream-life is vital.

The average born-again believer shouldn’t worry unnecessarily about these attacks as the demons can only operate if there’s a legal ground for them to do so. Living a righteous life before the Lord is the best protection. But if there’s unconfessed sexual sin, or unsavoury sexual practices, as well as a weak mind with a lack of self-discipline, then the prospects will increase for a visitation.

Medical researchers have found what they consider as abnormal sleep patterns from people supposedly suffering from nightmares. In most cases the similarity with attacks from incubi and succubi are striking. Generally psychologists don’t believe there are any such things as evil spirits so the responses they collect from nightmare sufferers are regarded as paranoid or psychotic-like behaviour.

However for Christians who are aware of these demonic powers the responses the sufferers give are more like statements of a demonic attack!


For a Female

  • Feelings of malevolence; paranoid fantasies, “He is watching everything”, “It’s alive…”; Hybrid (a mixture of human and animal) creatures in the dream.

  • Bleeding uterus; the mind flooded with anxiety.

  • Feels her anatomy is vulnerable to attack.

For a Male

  • Vivid fantasies of violence combined with sexual fantasies; a sense of mutilation of the private organs.

  • Pre-occupation with anatomy and sex.

  • Malevolent response; “medieval drawing of demons” come into the mind.

While this doesn’t prove that these nightmares were actual demonic attacks, the content is very similar to demon intrusion. Note some of the things seen in the nightmares, such as:

  • Sensing a malevolent presence

  • Seeing hybrid creatures

  • Having a sense of extreme vulnerability

  • The deliberate drawing of demons to a person.

Many Christians including ministers and pastors simply don’t believe these things happen. In over 30 years in ministry I’ve counselled a number of people, usually women, who’ve experienced vivid attacks from unseen but very “real” spiritual beings who’ve sexually violated them. In many cases dreams or nightmares have been a part of the initial attack. We need to be more pastorally sensitive about this issue, and more discerning of the dream-state.

Here I’ve listed some things to watch for in dreams that might indicate either an incubus or succubus attack.

  • Are there recurring sexual fantasies?

  • Is there sexual symbolism in the dream?

  • If you’re a female do you feel a weight on the bed or on your body during your sleep?

  • If you’re a male have you felt the physical sensations of sex?

  • As far as you’re aware, do these begin with a dream?

  • After the dream, do you wake up feeling shame and fear?

  • Is there both a mixture of enjoyment yet uncleanliness (particularly in the case of men)?

  • Are you beginning to dread going off to sleep?

  • Have the visits begun to materialize in the room and not just appear in your dream?

Experiencing some of these points to the strong possibility that you’re the victim of an attack from a night demon. In my e-book I explain how to deal with these intrusions. There is help in the name of the Lord Jesus but it’s also important to understand why these demons come.

I introduce this distasteful topic because it’s a subject we need to be aware of.

For the record, I’ve found that victory in the name of Jesus is assured and lasting. But many people are very reluctant to share their experiences because of shame or ridicule. Those of us who are in the pastoral ministry need to be aware of this particular problem – and how to set the victims free.

Peter McArthur

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